Learning What an AED Device Is


Learning What an AED Device Is

  • Oct 09, 2020

Life-saving technology is critical, but you need to understand its purpose and functionality. When learning what an AED device is, there are plenty of important facets to discern. Here is a quick overview of the basics.

What Is an AED?

You have probably seen the sign showing a big red heart with a white lightning bolt down the center. This is the signage marking the presence of an AED, or automatic external defibrillator. Often a safety standard in buildings, an AED is the device used when a person is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac Arrest can come at any time and happen often enough that ordinary citizens should know how to use these devices.

What Can It Be Used For?

An automatic external defibrillator is used for the emergency treatment of cardiac arrest. Once applied correctly, the device analyzes the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart. This helps to eliminate the malfunctioning rhythm and encourages the heart to resume a normal rhythm. AEDs come with voice-guided instructions since many people have not practiced with them before an emergency happens.

How Can I Learn How To Use It?

The AED is a complex device, but the instructions are simple and easy to understand. Though you can quickly follow along in a time of crisis, it is best to learn beforehand. Consider watching videos online if you need a cursory explanation. If you want to be more equipped or your employer requires formal training, research local classes near you that provide AED certification.

Learning what an AED device is and how to use it can be difficult at first but understanding how to navigate and operate life-saving technology is an important skill. If you or your employer are looking to purchase an automatic external defibrillator, check out our AED devices for sale here at Frontline Health.