Who Should Get Basic First Aid and CPR Training


Who Should Get Basic First Aid and CPR Training

  • Feb 25, 2021

Emergencies happen all the time, and everyone should have the training to handle them. Medical professionals learn in-depth procedures to help in an emergency, but the general population can do so too. Professionals in every industry live and work around others who could use a hand in a difficult situation. Here is who should get basic first aid and CPR training and why.

Medical Professionals

It goes without saying that people who work in medicine should understand basic first aid and CPR training along with much more advanced lifesaving skills. Medical professionals are the ones whom others rely on to administer higher-level care, so they must understand the basics. Without a solid foundation or refreshed knowledge of these skills, these individuals could endanger the lives of those who need their help.


Children are wonderful, but they often get into dangerous situations. As a parent, your kids could burn themselves, begin drowning in water, fall from high places, or choke on food or other items. In every situation, first aid and CPR could come in handy to save your child and keep them safe until professional medical help arrives. That’s why parents should take courses like Frontline Health’s first aid CPR AED certification classes in NYC.


Much like parents, caregivers for older adults must know how to react in a challenging situation. Older adults may have limited motor function which could open them up to significant risk after even the smallest fall or cut.

Emergency Responders

Everyone should know the basics of first aid and CPR. If those who witnessed an incident don’t know CPR, they rely on emergency responders to do it for them. Law enforcement officers and firefighters should understand the finer points of first aid and CPR so they can act quickly and decisively.

If you know who should get basic first aid and CPR training, you can gauge your need for health education. Even if you don’t fit into these categories, you should consider learning the basics. With one more trained citizen out and about, the world becomes a safer place. Check out our class availabilities at Frontline Health and sign up for one today.