What First Aid Training Includes


What First Aid Training Includes

  • Nov 17, 2020

Fundamental lifesaving skills are important to learn for your safety and that of others. Without proper training, people are less likely to act or act with the appropriate techniques during an emergency. If you are looking to prepare yourself and learn more, here is what first aid training includes.


Foundational Knowledge

Every new skill requires a baseline foundation of knowledge. This background information cements fresh ideas, allowing them to stick more quickly. If you were to learn how to perform CPR without understanding what you were doing to a person’s lungs and heart, you would be less capable of administering CPR. It is the same with all other basic first aid. You must learn how to identify various medical emergencies and discern which solutions best fit each scenario. You can expect the beginning of first aid training to teach you the foundational medical concepts.


Safe Practice

Once you understand how to diagnose and act in emergencies, you must then practice the techniques themselves. Learning about something in a classroom setting is much different than physically doing it in real life, and this is where practice comes in. Your first aid instructor will have a CPR practice manikin and AED machine on hand to guide you through the steps. You and your classmates will take turns performing chest compressions at the correct rhythm and depth. Practicing these first aid techniques in a safe environment helps you to hone your skills without consequences. You do not want the first time you practice CPR to be on a real person.


Continual Refreshing

Whether you complete first aid training for the first or fifth time, continual refreshing is critical to the long-term success of the lesson. Throughout your training, the instructor will assess your performance and retention of the information. In many cases, there will not be any kind of written examination, but you should try your hardest to remember the day’s information. Though emergencies happen all the time, you may not personally be a part of one for the next few months or even years. So it is important to regularly recertify in first aid skills.

Figure out what first aid training includes and find a class for your needs today. If you are looking for first aid, CPR, and AED training certification, reach out to our team here at Frontline Health for more information on class opportunities.